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Henna Tattoo

Another most beautiful feather on our cap is the Henna Tattoos. Symbolizing happiness, colors and beauty of new beginnings we bring to you the most beautiful body art – Henna. Our natural Henna extracts the heat from your body to color- Ancient belief is that it removes anger, ego, sadness in the form of heat. Eventually calming the body and giving space for a lot of new beginnings in your life. Come visit us today for a fun & exciting henna tattoo.

Henna is the art of applying henna to the body. Henna is a paste made from the crushed leaves of the henna plant. Henna has been used to adorn the body for thousands of years in many cultures, and it is considered to bring good luck and good fortune to those who wear it. Henna parties throughout time have been given to mark special occasions in one’s life. 

henna tattoos


Adult                        $10 & up

Children                   $5 & up

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